Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sexing Canaries Made Easy - Francisco A Salas

One of the highlights of the Houston Bird Show was meeting Francisco! I ask him to e-mail this sexing canaries trick for posting.

Francisco writes "Hi Linda, I need to tell you about an article a read in may local news paper last year, a way so easy to sex canaries, they called it a “dummy proof way to sex canaries”; according to the article this can be done when the babies are still in the nest (about 10 – 12 days old) all you have to do is approach the nest, any baby that digs his head into the nest is a male, baby hens will slightly lower them self but keep eye contact with you. I put this method to the test with some sex link birds this past year, and it work every time, the only time I had problems was with some of the babies I had to hand feed frequently, they were so used to being handle that they did not shy away from me. Give it a try, I hope it works for you.

My Face Book account is ; ( Born to sing canaries ). Remember it's in Spanish I posted several pictures from the Houston Show. Take care and hope to see you soon again, maybe we can get you to come to San Antonio and judge our show

Our clubs Face Book page is (Alamo Exhibition Bird Club) you can see some picture of our Bird Show


Francisco A Salas

Francisco is also an accomplished dog handler and when I told him of my troubles getting Lucca to walk on the leash instead of jumping on me and grabbing the leather strap, he said first play and totally wear him out and then put the leash on him and walk him. This worked amazingly well and now my family is also walking him and they can't believe how good he is on the leash! Thanks so much Francisco!


Anonymous said...

It was great to have you at our show. The sexing baby canary tip is interesting. I would think it would be the little boys who would look at you and the little girls the shy ones. We must do an experiment with this next year !


Mary said...

Hi Linda,
Our Show in October was my first bird show. I learned a lot from watching and listening to you in the color bred. I just started raising them this year. Thank you for not being annoyed by me. LOL

As for the sexing... I wish I had known this sexing trick last spring! I noticed shy chicks digging themselves into the nest head first, while other chicks just layed down and watched me. As they got a little older the same signs were there. The girls were more attentive and curious than the boys! IF I had know these facts I could have banded for sex while in the nest instead of the dreadful chore of waiting to see which chick sang and which chick did not. I have been told that some hens sing, which means untill you see the egg you still don't know the sex of these young birds.. Love to learn!