Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy BirdDay Big Bird!!

Happy BirdDay to You, Happy BirdDay to You, Happy BirdDay Dear Big Bird, Happy BirdDay to You!!

Celebrating the new 60, with fresh millet sprays all around! Perhaps I will cage up my German Rollers this afternoon to start training them for the National Song Competition .

Lucca thought I would enjoy playing soccer this morning. So let the game begin...


Anonymous said...

Linda...quick question...I paired a blue male to silver agate opal long skinny, small blue opals. Was trying to get the brown out of the silver agates. What should I pair the blue opals to? My only choices are silver or gold agates, or gold agate ivory,. I was taught keep white ground to white ground, yellow to yellow ect. I don't understand why the blue to S. opal gave me small, long birds. I don't think pairing my ivory agates to them would be correct. Beth Berry, Aurora, Ill

luis quintanilla said...

hello Linda,

congratulation about your blog every day I open your blog to hope read news about canaries in USA...

i Met yu in Plano texas, in the NCA SHow, im from Puebla MExico

see you in Kansas

Luis Quintanilla