Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Donald's Borders

Donald Saunders of South Africa sent in some fabulous pictures of his Borders. Aren't they lovely!!!

Border Hens

In South Africa, they are conditioning and beginning the breeding season.

His Cats love the birds too!

Donald says "Here are a few pics of my Borders. The hens in the flight cage areenjoying the sun and greens. They share the sun with my 2 shorn Chinchilla longhair cats.They are not interested in the birds. In the morning when I prepare the border veggies, they scream for some grated boiled egg. Once they have had their titbit they move off. I begin pairing up 1 week before the full moon in September."


Anonymous said...

A fine lot of hens in that cage, there must be up to 30 birds in it!
They look like they are enjoying the sun, one of the benefits of living in South Africa! Does Donald keep all colours or just the normals...clears, darks, variegateds..think I see a Cinnamon Variegated in there?

By the way, there is a new Border website on the www.

It is http://bordercanaries.co.uk

Donald said...

Hi Anonymous
I do not have any white ground or cinnamon birds.i also have some Fifes in the flight cage with the Borders,also no whites or cinnamons.
I find that when the hens have 4 to 6 hours sun on a daily basis before breeding it really gets them into condition.
First round fertility went well fifty chicks hatched but only 35 raised.Some of the hens with 4 or more chicks allowed 2 to die.I will place the eggs next round and see if this does improve the situation.
This year I did not use my normal vitamines and still the hens are doing well.
My cats will have kittens in the next 3 to 5 days -very fertile room
.The on in picture has 4 kittens-waiting with bated breath