Thursday, February 3, 2011

Share A Tip - Frozen Green Soya Beans - Edamame

Darren Waterhouse of the U.K. writes:
I am what I would call a traditional Border canary breeder and
kind of set in my ways when it comes to conditioning them for
breeding. Using soft food, greens, condition seeds and lights
to bring the birds into condition.

But with having so many problems year after year like infertile
eggs, eggs laid in strange patterns not day after day, small
clutches and birds generally seeming lifeless.I decided this
year I would try what Linda has been telling me for a few years
and after seeing other breeders reporting getting improved
results I decided I would try Linda's border veggies this year.

So from early January I decided I would start the cocks on
it first as recommended by others. I started offering it
every other day but some seemed reluctant to eat it so I
added some condition seed to the mix until they would eat it.

Now they jump up the cage fronts when I enter the room with
the border veggies! I have now started the hens on it every
other day (February) again as some had recommended and the
cocks now have it daily. My aim is to start breeding early
April so in March both cocks and hens with have the border
veggies daily.

In addition to this I am using a vitamin E powder once a week
again provided and recommended by Linda. The cocks are started
on it first and then the hens a few weeks later. In addition
the birds are having a multivitamin twice a week and liquid
calcium. There is already a clear visual difference in the
birds, tight wing carriage, piped tails, cocks vents already
showing development, jumping around as if they are excited and
calling to each other with an urgent manner.

I am looking forward to the breeding season and if the birds
condition is anything to go by to date, then this maybe a
good year! I am using the frozen green soya beans thawed
in boiling water for a few minutes and left to dry for another
few minutes and broccoli heads,both ground in a coffee
grinder separate then mixed together after.

Thanks so much Darren for sharing with us! I am going to
buy some Frozen Green Soya Beans (also known as Edamame) and
try that in my border veggie recipe. Border Veggies are an
excellent conditioner for canaries.