Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This Weeks Questions For Big Bird

A blizzard has hit Kansas and much of the country. We continue to find ways to offer the ground eaters some seed. Here the junco is eating on top my Rock Chalk Jayhawk stone on my patio.

Use this post for this weeks questions that unrelated to current this week posts.


1. How is the Stafford male who was picked on, coming along?

He is doing very well and replacing feathers even in the bloody area where he was picked the most. Prior to picking, he had a very round crest, we will see how much the picking affected it.

2. When I went to England, the English Border breeders told me to just give wheat germ meal to the cocks prior to setting them up with a hen. What do you think of that? Why would the hens not get wheat germ meal?

Wheat germ meal is an excellent source of vitamin E which greatly improves fertility. I also use it on males. I do not give it to the hens as it pushes them to lay readily when used in addition to my other sources of vitamin E.

If you do not use ABBA vitamin E or wheat germ oil, once the males are ready, hens can be given small amounts of wheat germ meal every other day, alternating on the opposite day with Petamine Breeding Formula. This is a good method for those who rely on foods rather than supplements.

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