Sunday, February 6, 2011

Save A Bird - Water

Evon shares her heart breaking experience:

Wednesday morning regular routine pull all waterers & provide clean tubes and fresh water
for all the birds. Fresh seed to all birds. Egg food to the feeding families.

Than out to shovel and snowblow after the blizzard, 2 1/2 hours.It was an unusually busy
day with additional snow and family responsibilities.

I admit I was tired and the body hurt. Usually I make it back down to the aviary around 4
to refill dishes and recheck birds. This day I refilled the egg food dishes and left.

Before the lights went out.I plugged in an additional heater to keep the birds a bit warmer.
Since the outside wind temperature were dripping below Zero,

Thursday morning this is what I found. (see pic above)I know we don't like to view dead
birds BUT I hope seeing this lovely satinette pair will be a vision for all of you.


What you see is the result of haste and a leaky water tube.Usually each cage gets 2 water
tubes one large one small, BUT in my haste, I only put one water tube on each cage.

The birds likely died quicker than expected as I had also turned on an extra heater.
I have been raising satinette canaries for 20+years, this pair was special.I Pray the 3 eggs
this pair left behind will thrive all that depends on a fife foster mom.

Evon, I am so sorry for your loss. All of us have had unfortunate times when things
did not go as planned and we have lost birds.

Once I went to a plant nursery owned by a real Dutchman from Holland. I watched as he tossed plants he had started from seed in the trash. I quizzed him that they were not that bad and he told me "They don't all live here either lady"!I tell myself that story each time I experience an unfortunate bird loss and I am feeling terrible about my part in it, they don't all make it here either!

The satinettes were beauties. I have in the past raised silver brown and gold brown satinettes and I can tell from the photo these were very special and had great striations.

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