Monday, February 28, 2011

Mario and Company

Mario was singing so beautifully this morning, I just laid there for 30 extra minutes and listened to his wonderful song. With all the trouble, if even only Mario makes it, it will be worth all the pain of dealing with sick birds.

Mario loves the baby bok choy! Before the end of the day, he will have eaten it all including the stem!

Mario loves bread. He eats some and shreds the rest. Yesterday I gave him 1/4 slice twice and he torn it all up and ate quite a bit of it. I want him to eat it and gain some weight because the three dead birds were all extremely thin.

Mario's Company. Mario is the Cassonova in the middle!

Top bird, might be a hen but not sure.... She looks like it as her eye is high compared to the center of her beak.

Bottom bird is quite large and is starting to sing. He is very soft and it is a little soon to tell how good he is. Whenever he starts to sing, Mario drowns him out!

This is the hen that was separated in the tray away from the others because she was timid and appeared she would be stressed if placed with other birds. She is doing fine and like myself, she is enjoying hearing Mario sing, could an arranged marriage be in her future?

Tony Schlott in Canada, is fluent in German and is contacting the breeder for me to get pedigrees, so that I can make better pairing decisions.

Mario wants me to thank Tony, who grows many varieties of apples for his observation that in his tests rollers prefer golden delicious apples to any other variety. Mario agrees with Tony's findings!


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, how many Rollers have you had from Germany now.

Strell said...

hoping that your new arrivals are doing better. it's been a few days since you've been blogging. i felt really badly for the birds and hope they fair well.
they are in good hands with you for sure.

Linda Hogan said...

This was my 3rd batch of imported German rollers. Each was 10 or so. The first ones were 2007, then last year and this year.

This is the first time to have really sick ones in the group.

I always treat with ivomec and on occasion have given some tylan and had them respond quickly.

The Dominion Roller Canary Association (INC. 1934) said...

Hi Linda,
I have my second import coming from Anquez in a month. Included are Dentler's DKB-lv15/0126-09/30 #02 from the 2009 Meisterschaft 3rd place team, One from the Anquez 3rd place team in the World cup as well as another 90 pointer from the World cup, one Hans Pieper and others including a brother sister pair of Schmittwilken. The first shipment from December is equally as impressive and include two males that Franck that head OMJ Judge Maurice Level rated as extra exceptional with 90 points. Anquez pulled them from teams he planned on sending to the World Cup before the contest. When they arrived in Vancouver, Dec 15, I had them (and the 4 hens that came with them) on AviX builder from Harrisons. They all reproduced exceptionally well and I now have over 20 babies from them. All babies are exceptionally healthy. I recommend this product to all for premium health. I was able to cut the cost to only six dollars an ounce (from 18 dollars an ounce that my vet was charging) by buying 4 oz bottles in bulk on Ebay. -Kent Donnelly DRCA