Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Breaking News - Miracle Amino Acid Supplement Available in US

ABBA Products now has the amino acid supplement MIRACLE from Italy in stock! This is a fantastic product that greatly improves fertility and breeding success!!! Call ABBA 908 353-0669. In their computer it is under AA Miracle. I placed my order along with some ABBA mineral today!

A special thank you to Mike at ABBA for agreeing to again carry this absolutely wonderful product!!

The photo is my old empty container, I credit much of my breeding success to using this product!


Crumbly Moist said...

Hi Linda,

I am an avid border canary breeder and follow your interesting blog regularly, it's always and packed full of good information.

To be honest, I'm beginning to feel totally inadequate as far as feeding my canaries are concerned,why by comparison with yourself and some of your contributors my birds are positively neglected!!! I find it difficult to grasp and keep up with all the various foodstuffs and supplements that you use or recommend and to remember what the benefits are of each supplement.

I breed quite successfully in numbers and quality (Borders) but in comparison to your methods, mine are positively spartan by comparison. Don't get me wrong, they are very well looked after, clean, pest free etc and they get plain but good nourishing foodstuffs with water soluble vitamins once or twice a week, I am very busy and don't have as much time as I'd like, but their needs are well looked after.

When did breeding canaries get so complicated!!! I'm nearly afraid to discuss breeding nowadays with my fellow fanciers as I would probably sound like Fred Flintsone!! I was only reading on Phil Warne's blog the other day where he doesn't really like feeding hens eggfood in the run up to breeding as it causes "double yolks" etc. Maybe that is true, and who am I to argue with the master breeder, but in my experience I have fed eggfood in the run up to breeding to condition and to get the hens accustomed to the feed and I've had no ill effects.

The Border veggie thing is a case in point. Nearly every Border man I know is talking about "Border veggies" I haven't used it myself, as I have my own "stone age" system that seems to work ok. I've seen all sorts of methods come and go and what I always say is "whatever works for you stick with it", so I don't dismiss it as it obviously works for those who advocate it. But birds were bred before it arrived on the scene and are still being bred with alternative systems.

I always like reading about what others are feeding and doing with their birds, so that's why I enjoy reading your blog so much.

I just hope newcomers reading don't think that breeding canaries is all THAT complicated, because it ain't!!! Finally good luck to everyone in the breeding season and may it go well.

Strell said...

Please explain this prodcut??? I use Abba Products exclusively for my canaries, but this as you say is back in stock. Thank you.

Linda Hogan said...

Breeders first of all most respond to their birds needs. There are many ways to do that and each of us in our own way have learned how to do just that.

The blog is full of ideas, but no one would want or be able to implement them all without going absolutely mad!

I find it very interesting that my border veggies is the talk of the world!

Borders depending on their genetic background, have developed considerable needs for more vitamins and minerals than one might expect. Your birds, that you produced etc, are ones that's needs were met by your methods. The difficulty is trying to breed with birds with genetic expectations that if not met, fail to produce or even die at an early age.

Wish I could get some of your stock!!

How about an article on your methods?

Linda Hogan said...

AA Miracle excels as an amino acid supplement being high in methionine and lysine but also containing the usual vitamins and good assortment of minerals. The label states protein 11.4%.
I use one tablespoon to 4 cups dry nestling food such as ABBA green 92. This is feed dry as a conditioner, first to males and when they are ready to both males and hens. I also use it in my egg food. In my huge yellow tupperware batch, I use one tablespoon.

Strell said...

Cumbly Moist you are so right!!! I do have been breeding canaries for years, American Singers and Glousters with great success I might add. The more I read the more confusing and almost overwhelming are the choices of supplements, veggies, probiotics, egg foods, etc. to use during the breeding season. Add this, take that away, only once a week, oops twice a week. My birds, too, are lacking if I read correctly. Yet my birds and chicks remain healthy and thrive on what I do. More is not always better. I guess, if it's not broken, don't fix it.
Canary breeding is fun and should remain that way. Please don't be afraid to breed these charming birds with whatever works for you.
Do some reading, Ms. Hogan's book is wonderful. I own it for years.
It is not overwhelming and a novice can absorb it. Also Robirda is another good source. Enjoy !!!!!! Crumbly Moist brings up a really good point. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Can I stop my canaries from breeding? I have 4 babies from 2 nests and I do not want to breed. Can I remove the nests and nesting materials?

Anonymous said...

Crumbly Moist is so right. Too many choices. Do what works successfully for you in your breeding. Lists and lists I have made and one contradicts the other with additives, etc. during breeding, moulting and simply enjoying the canary. I consider myself a pet owner and breeder -- my canaries thrive on Abba products. They need nothing more with the exception of greens, bee pollen and occasionally hemp seed.
Beautiful and healthy!!!!

Linda Hogan said...

I too sometimes feel overwhelmed with ideas. It is all about assessing your birds and keeping them healthy and in tip top shape. There are many choices on how to do that. I appreciate learning, trying and implement some of the ideas.

For example, I recently tried the baby bok choy suggested by Tom. The birds do love it and clean it up, even the stem. It is a better option than romaine lettuce and it will be part of my regular feeding. Thanks Tom!! Or Donald's suggestion to add Cauliflower to Border veggies, thanks Donald!

Last season in response to the overwhelmed feeling, I wrote a series on the blogs focusing on minimums. It makes good reading to go back and read the first and second season posts during the same time of year.

People are always asking me to make a table and tell them what to do when. If you want that kind of approach, its out there from folks who sell just the right product and tell you what days to feed what.

That is not how I operate. I work from a minimum base and add when my careful assessment visually demonstrates and improvement in my birds.

This blog is my canary diary where I share my daily experiences with my birds.

Linda Hogan said...

Stopping your birds from breeding can be challenging especially since it is not summer.

First remove the male and offspring from the hens cage. Stop feeding the hen high protein foods, egg food, and wheat products. Feed her greens as her extras. Drop high protein seeds and feed a plain seed mix such as L'Avian Plus.

If she is intent on sitting and laying, put the nest in and let her sit on infertile eggs for as long as she will.

Decrease light intensity and when you are ready for normal molting. Turn off artificial lights and let the morning and afternoon sun get them up and put them to bed.

Crumbly Moist said...

Hi Linda,

Please don't take what I've said the wrong way. I was just "mouthing off" about how "complicated" feeding canaries seems to have become and speaking from my own personal viewpoint on how I find it difficult to keep up, but maybe I'm just "thick", I wasn't having a go at you, more the manufacturers of some products that offer quick fixes etc, years ago some of these guys would probably have been touring western outposts by wagon selling snake oil and elixors of youth!!

I personally feel that you and your ideas have been a breath of fresh air for the canary fancy and they are being implemented by breeders WORLDWIDE!! And being on the www has dragged the canary fancy out of the stone age.
I'm sure that must be something for you to think about!!

You are the first person to put forward alternative theories in a scientific AND practical way.
So please take a bow!!

Evon in WI said...

Crumbly Moist,I totally agree with your Post!
Crumbly Moist said;
I personally feel that you and your ideas have been a breath of fresh air for the canary fancy and they are being implemented by breeders WORLDWIDE!! And being on the www has dragged the canary fancy out of the stone age.
I'm sure that must be something for you to think about!!

LINDA BE PROUD!!! YOU and YOUR blog are the BEST thing that has happened to Canary Fanciers.

Others, consider this your buffet of ideas. We don't eat ALL that is offered at a buffet do we?

Read, Enjoy,& and only use the ideas/suggestions IF they work for you.