Monday, September 21, 2009

Times They Are A Changing!

Keep Moving - Up With the Carb's and Down With the Protein's

Keeping with the changing seasons, I have modified the hard-boiled egg containing nestling food that was feed during breeding and molting season. Young birds and old cocks are still getting nestling food but the new batch contains no eggs but rather just cous cous with poppy seed and olive oil, processed cooked whole wheat with ABBA green and carrots processed in the food processor with some ABBA Green to make the carrots in finer pieces.

This week only a few older birds show pin feathers on the head and less than 5% show any loose feathering in the vent. It is really amazing how well this works!

Once I start the rollers show training, they will not be feed any nestling food. Only the red birds will continue getting it with the nestling food with red coloring agents till after the show season.


Anonymous said...

Linda, for 2nd year I have had trouble getting some hens to molt.
I turned off the lights after the last round. I decreased egg/eggfood to twice a week. I don't want to cut anymore, because other hens in the fligh are molting regularily, and growing new feathers.

Linda Hogan said...


If you want to get those few hens to molt, you will have to push the carb's. You could try pushing bread, oatmeal, canary seed, greens, and millet and you might get a few more to molt but to get them all you will probably need to get rid of the egg food.