Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Zucchini Boat - Love At First Bite

I cut the zucchini in wedges that just fit in their nestling food dishes. Some of you have admired these attractive dishes. They are actually inexpensive plastic and come in oval and round shapes and can be purchased at Asian Markets. They are so versatile that I find myself buying more every year, some of which my husband takes for individual serving dishes for his sauces.

As expected, the Green Border is first to check it out! He continues to stand out. Yesterday, he not only lead a game of touch landing follow the leader on the Canary Ferris Wheel but also he balanced on one of the top perches of the ferris wheel while a yellow border balanced on the other top perch and they took turns moving the ferris wheel a quarter of a turn clockwise and then counterclockwise just like it was a teeter-tooter! I am totally amazed by what they can do!!

What started out to be a half dozen German rollers eating on this zucchini wedge, turned out to be only one straggler when I got the picture taken. Each cage would start eating it and in seconds but every time I approached with the camera, they flew away....Oh well...

New Food is a Big Success!

Today, I fed my birds zucchini for the first time and without hesitation they enthusiastically started nibbling the cut edge! This is an excellent veggie as it can be safely feed without fear of staining their faces making them appear "smudged or dirty".

A special thank you to Rich who shared that his birds liked zucchini!!

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Gwen said...

My Birds love zuccini, I use thin slices (round) and clip on the bars with clothes pins, they chew out the seeds and the middles first then stick their heads in the hole and wash their faces, same thing with cucumber, very funny to watch