Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's A Jungle Out There

A two foot piece of wacky wood comes with convenient cage attachments. Note the Border in the cage behind this one, envious of the German Rollers new toy!

Wacky wood will rotate slightly but the birds quickly learned to balance on it.

This one is perching on the rings to get a better look at what is happening outside.

Birds love to walk the plank, especially on an unsteady item.

Wacky wood has many places for birds to sit.

Even as the sun started going down, they were still playing on the Wacky Wood!

Wacky Wood

Last Saturday, I attended a bird fair. Knowing that this was primarily a parrot and hookbill affair, I optimistically told my husband I would not be long, I would be home in 30 minutes for lunch!

While wondering through the booths, I noticed my friend Margaret at the only canary booth, picking out a fife hen for next years breeding season. So we looked together and went over the fife standard and finally both agreed on which one she should buy. It was a real bargain as the fife hens were being sold for only $25!

We continued looking at the canary booth and bought a few items. I bought three bags of cuttle bones and six 5 lb boxes of millet spray from Canada. Was I ever wrong to think that was going to be it, as Margaret proceeded to lead me over to the big parrot toy booth! I have to admit I have never stopped to look at parrot toys as I had thought those were just for parrots or hookbills, there could not possibly be anything that my birds would even want.

Thinking they might have a swing I could use, I went ahead and followed Margaret and stood back a bit while she carefully examined almost every item in the booth. Now Margaret, like myself, has only canaries and I am sure my face must have looked shocked when she picked up a parrot toy with three strings of wood blocks and a bell on each string. She said she had several of these toys just like that one at home and her canaries loved to play with it... Well, since I am not fond of my rollers singing high bells or even hearing any high pitched sounds, even if they played with it, I did not want to hear it! So I decided that this was a toy I did not want to even try.

Margaret continued rummaging through the booth and came up with a two foot piece unfamiliar item called Wacky Wood. Although my border acrobatic academy was full, I wondered what the rollers would think of Wacky Wood? It is 100% natural non-toxic Lima tree hard wood and would be not just a toy but also good for their feet. So I quickly grabbed the last one!!

To make a long story short, the bird fair was less than 10 minutes from my home. And after arriving there at 11:30, I got home after 1:00 and I had to leave the house for work by 2:00. Needless to say, my rude behavior has damaged my family standing!! How is it when I get with bird friends, I am totally unaware of time passing?


Janet said...

Hi Linda, Do your birds eat the cuttle bone just as is or you pulverized it for them? Mine just seem to ignore it no matter how I give it to them. I do feed them higgen miner-a-grit. Could they be getting all they need from it? I am looking forward to meeting you in Prescott, WI on October 17. Janet Hemesath

Linda Hogan said...


I put the soft side toward the bird and they slowly eat it. I also feed ABBA mineral and a liquid calcium with vitamin D3 in the water.

Looking forward to your show and visiting with you!