Saturday, September 12, 2009

Surprise Bonus From Saturday Market Produce

Wow!! The underside of this "holey" collard greens leaf is loaded with aphid insects!! These loaded greens were fed to all young birds and adult cocks. I did not feed them to older hens as I do not want to give them any breeding ideas from the extra insect protein.

With the aphids on the underside, these loaded collard green leaves are placed bottom side up so the borders can easily find the aphids!

They love a little protein with their salad. Being special, these Borders were fed not only a large aphid collard green leaf but also a sample of swiss chard and turnip greens! Borders especially really enjoy their greens!!

Mixed greens from Conrad Produce stand at the market that I will feed tomorrow. The mixture includes not only collard greens seen in the back but also broccoli leaves on the left and kohlrabi on the right.

Beautiful Fall Swiss Chard!

Large zucchini will be fed later in the week. I selected the large ones as I would expect the canaries will love the seeds!

Today's Market Finds

What a surprise today to find not only nice holey greens but an aphids bonus on the underside! Last week, I had visited with the "Health To You" farmer and ask her to bring me some holey greens as the birds prefer them because it is easier to nibble on the leaf from the holes.

She had a whole bag full of holey greens which she said she was hiding with embarrassment. She further said she wasn't sure I would even want them as the underside was covered with aphids..

Excitedly, I told her they were exactly what I wanted and bring me lots more next week!!

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