Monday, September 14, 2009

Wait Till Next Year

What a pity, good color and decent crest but look at those terrible long wing feathers and secondary flight feathers and the extra long tail and it is just a young bird!!

Another young bird and again long unattractive feathering!! The wing butt might even develop a feather lump....

Poor Results Are Motivators To Start Planning For Next Years Breeding Season

I love to admire my birds but just like at your aviary, they are not all beautiful success stories!! The challenge of breeding a better bird goes on year after year and overall we make progress but never quite breed that perfect bird.

These young birds have way too long feathering as evidenced by the long secondary flights, long tails and long bodies. A look back at the parents and perhaps both tended toward long feathering and by doubling up a more serious problem was produced or in my case I was trying to breed the long feathering out of this line and the short feathered partner passed through the first time just did not do the job.

A couple of things will help, first, I will breed only from two year or older of this line as I need to have a critical eye on picking the shortest feathered and best of the bunch. Second year birds have longer feathering than young birds so difference will be more apparent.

Also, I will weave the short feather partner into the pedigree by breeding its half brother/sisters and only one of the two birds will have one part of the long feathering in its background.

Noticing this problem is a heads-up to keep some non-show birds for stock just because they have short feathering!!

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