Sunday, September 27, 2009

This Weeks Questions For Big Bird

Use this post for questions unrelated to specific current posts, tips you want to share or feedback.



1. How do I get my show birds tail to pipe?

2. Slimming down a fat showbird



1. David Bopp shares a mineral tip



Linda Hogan said...

While visiting yesterday with David Bopp on the phone, he shared that he had recently tried a Belgian pigeon product called pickstone.

He simply crunches it up a bit with pliers and his German Roller hens are really going for it! This was purchased from Global Pigeon I checked yesterday and it was listed out of stock but hopefully it will be available again soon.

Have any of you tried this product?

Anonymous said...

Question for this week: Shows are about to start, how do I get the 'piped' tail on my birds? They are coming out of the molt, and diet is canary mix with oatmeal, and pellets. I am starting to spray them, as they refuse to bathe.

Linda Hogan said...

The piped (narrow) tail in most cases is an indication of peak condition. Spraying and bathing are good as they encourage preening but to get that tail piped you will need to improve the diet a bit. I would try two things, first I would give them some bee pollen pebbles and second you need to get some of the Bird of Paradise from Wall Seed canary mix, 316 263-0850. This works so quickly that even in 24 hours the birds look better.

I keep bringing the Bird of Paradise canary mix because although I keep saying to get it at least for peak conditioning of select birds or to treat birds that are out of sorts, the last time I ask Nancy out of the 200 people who read this blog everyday, she had only one order!

Linda Hogan said...

Forgot to mention that in those borders who carry unhealthy genes, the tails stay wide and the wings droop. These birds will have a short life expectancy.

Linda Hogan said...

If the bird is plump or has some fat layer, you could tightened feathers on the body and pipe the tail by putting it on just petamine breeding formula and no extra, no other seeds, no bread etc.

This an excellent solution for those heavy birds that need to lose weight before the show and need to tighten up!

Rich said...

Hi Linda. Foy's Pigeon Supplies carries the pickstone as well. I've never used it but I saw it on their website. Rich