Saturday, September 5, 2009

Great Fall Market Goodies

Tasty Turnip Greens from the Health To You Stand!

Chewy Collard Greens from Conrad Produce Market Stand!

Spicy Jalapeno Peppers!

Delicious fall greens are plentiful now at the Farmer's Market. Today's selection included turnip greens, collard greens and jalapeno peppers. Note the bug holes in the turnip and collard greens. When checking, the farmers confirmed that these greens have not been sprayed. They were worried that no one would buy them with the bug holes but I reassured them that the birds love bug holes as it is an easy place to start munching!

Today, I feed all birds the turnip greens, tomorrow it will be collard greens and then Monday will be jalapeno peppers. All of which are relished by my birds! Even the spicy peppers are loved especially for the seeds (split them in half or quarters to expose the seeds) because birds do not taste the heat! That is why wild bird mixes that are meant to repel squirrels contain hot chilies!

Once show training begins, I stop feeding greens but for now it is still time to continue to enjoy nature's bounty!


Anonymous said...

I am astounded that you feed hot peppers to the canaries ! Our garden has not banana peppers in it as well as red bell pepper. My softbills like the red bell pepper, but I never thought about the hot peppers. These are the only veggies that have survived our 100 degree heat and drought.
Think I'll try giving them the peppers too ! Thank you !

Rich said...

Thank you Linda for reminding us about hot peppers, that had just slipped my mind. A friend brought me over a large shopping bag of produce from her garden which included lots of hot peppers. This morning I cut them in half and placed them in the flights. The birds stripped the seed first then tore into the flesh. Earlier in the week they had some zuccini that they also seemed to enjoy. When I weed the flower beds I don't bother pulling the dandelions out, I let them grow and feed them regularily. I am always amazed how fat the birds are to try anything I feed them, but I have been doing it since they were weaned so they all dive right in. Thanks again. Rich

Linda Hogan said...


I have never tried zucchini but I have that on my bird shopping list for market this Saturday! Thanks for the tip!!