Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Birds Are Not Eating Broccoli Well This Year

Serving Peas

For some reason, my birds are not eating broccoli enthusiastically this year. I have been careful to only buy heads with obvious seeding but not yellow and still firm and I even tried two different sources. But as good as I think it taste, the birds are eating very little of it.

From past experience, I have learned to trust the birds and follow their lead. Therefore, I have started feeding frozen peas daily instead of broccoli. I know broccoli has lots of pesticides as if you grow it at home it is full of worms. In about a month, I will be able to get some home grown broccoli and I will offer it again. Till then, its pass the peas, please!!

I am offering my egg food first thing in the morning and at the second feeding, I am offering peas with CeDe. I take a half box of CeDe and put it in the food processor. Add two hard boiled eggs with shell and process. In a large bowl, thaw one lb package of frozen peas in hot water. Drain and add the processed CeDe . The birds are eating it very well!!

Question: Have any of you observe your birds eating broccoli poorly this year compared with past years?

Today's Lesson: Always keep an eye on your birds health, behavior, and eating habits, they are your best teacher, and always follow their advice!


Anonymous said...

Mine are eating broccoli fine...they won't touch peas!

Linda Hogan said...

All of these years, my birds loved broccoli too and if I want to get them to eat peas, I had to sit and painstakingly shell each pea for them! This year, I didn't shell peas even for the weaning chicks, they just went for it.

Something has got to be wrong with my broccoli sources! I look forward to being able to try them on known pesticide free homegrown broccoli. I'm betting they love it..My husband cooks the same broccoli for us and it tastes great to me.

Animals have sense way beyond us!

leng said...

My borders like peas more than broccoli but mixing things up seems to keep their interest in the vegetable. I noticed that they will not eat peas with the same enthusiasm if I feed peas every day.

Anonymous said...

My feathered world has no preference of peas or broccoli. I do know they appreciate variety. It is a particularly good thing when fresh broccoli is too high priced.