Monday, January 25, 2016

Breeding Better Looking Birds Part 2 Feather Type - Buff Feathering

Buff ticked Norwich
The  differentiation between the basic two feather type divisions yellow or buff is based on whether the pigmentation extends to the tip as in a yellow type feather or does not extend to the tip partially masking the body feathers ground color as in buff feathering. The effect is a frosting hue that is visible but varies considerable from heavy to very light. A microscope can also be used to see whether the pigment color extended to the tip or whether the tip or not.

Buff (feathering) Cinnamon Variegated Border
Buff (feathering) Green Foul Border

Silver (feathering) Cap Lizard
Buff Clear Irish Fancy (lower line is because she is coming into breeding and has a brood patch)
Red Ground Frost Note fine even frosting starting on head above eye and even throughout including the breast
Crested Red Ground Dark Crest Frost Stafford
Buff Green Variegated Parisian Frill
Buff (Non-Intensive) Green 3/4 Variegated Gloster Corona

Buff Green Variegated Scot Fancy
Buff Variegated Columbus Fancy Smooth Head


Anonymous said...

Hi linda, great topics and very helpful. I find it hard to distinguish yellow from buff in the green or blue birds.
If there anything as half yellow (half intenssive) or half buff. I have heared something like that before.

Linda Hogan said...

The amount of buff various considerable. I look around the neck in the back for any signs of buff. It can be hard when the buff is not evenly express. On green and blue the color is effected on the buff birds like a dull overlay.