Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Watching Demeanor - Changing Cages - But He Doesn't Look Happy?

When we move birds it is best to move all new members to the new cage at the same time. Otherwise the new member may be targeted by the establish residents. This is true whether we are caging 2 hens with one male or whether we are doing it to bring lagging males into condition faster or just reorganizing groups.

Even moving all at the same time so they all have an even start may still result in some that act shy and not at home in their new cage. Give it a couple of days, watch and see that the shy one is not being bullied or picked on.

Male lagging coming into breeding condition can benefit greatly by sparing with other males as long as the shy one changes its attitude in a couple days and is not being seriously attacked. It is sparing with males which along with lengthening day light hours, rather being with a hen, that brings cocks into breeding condition.

If after a couple of days a bird is still not happy, move to another cage preferably by itself. Failure to respond can result in severe weight loss which will result in hens not laying and males being infertile, scumming to illness and potentially death from being picked on its head till it bleeds or from illness.

So what about the Shy White Irish Fancy male?

Initial Reaction
Three Days Later

Hen Is Happy Too!
 More Assertive On His Way Toward Fatherhood!

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