Sunday, December 28, 2014

Share A Tip Canary Foot Care Julio Valella

Twice a year, Julio and Brenda routinely apply Bag Balm to all their canaries feet to keep the feet in tip top shape! Some birds get more frequent treatment as needed.

Bag Balm has been treating chapping in people and animals since 1899!

I remember using it on our hands and on the cows udders when I was growing up. We called it the udderly incredible cream at the time!

Now days, it is especially popular with gardeners! Can't wait to give it a try on my canaries!

Currently, I have been using an Aloe Vera bird product by BioDecken which comes plain or with fungicide that works very well too.


papasnag said...

I use it when I band babies, just put a dab of it inside the band using a toothpic. Whenever I catch a bird for what ever reason, I will add a lite application of bag balm on their feet.. Good stuff..
It was nice meeting you Linda at the FCF show.
Thank you for making it easier to post!!,

Brian Rowe said...

Wow, using bag balm could make it easier to band babies. What a good tip.

I used to use bag balm to prevent chapped hands in the winter.

I used to find it very frustrating to try to band babies until I stumbled upon one trick. Before a bird goes into flight, a reflex straightens its leg and toes to push off from the perch. I found that if I gently straighten the leg in imitation of this reflex, the toes extend just long enough to slip the band onto the three front toes.