Sunday, December 21, 2014

Florida Canary Fanciers Part 6 Lovely Top Bench Type Winners Judge Linda Hogan

Best Type Very Nice Irish Fancy  Exhibited by Brian Bryne

2nd Best Type Gloster Corona Exhibited by Juan Chavez

3rd Best Type Fife Fancy Exhibited by Alfred Vivar

4th Best Type Stafford Exhibited by Biers & Cromwell

5th Best Type Scot Fancy Exhibited by Adriana Gonzales

6th Best Type Parisian Frill Exhibited by Mike Corbeil

7th Best Type Border Fancy Exhibited by Brian Byrne

Nearly 200 Type birds, 17 different varieties were exhibited!


Brian Rowe said...


Besides the Irish Fancy, have any other new or rare breeds made it into U.S. bird shows? For example, Italian Giant Frills, or Giboso Espaniolos? Do you know of any promising breeds under development?

Linda Hogan said...

When I was in Germany there were many breeds I have never seen in the US. They even had a section displaying new breeds. I was especially taken with a new variety that has the shape and body of a fife with coloration on a bronze!

Irish Fancy have enough that they are in the type division.

Any other variety catches the unusual ones.

German crest are at a few shows and at others Hoso and Raza and few Fiorino.