Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Florida Canary Fanciers 18th Annual Canary & Finch Show -Part 1 Opening

Mike Corbeil, President welcomed exhibitors to the show which is the only show in Florida to host Type, Colorbred, German Rollers, American Singers and for the first time two Timbrado divisions, United Spanish Timbrado Fanciers and Classic Spanish Timbrado Association. The show encourages a friendly, yet competitive atmosphere among all fellow breeders.The show attracts exhibitors from not only all of Florida but also Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Illinois and Canada.

On Friday evening, an informal exhibitors buffet banquet, drop in between 7 and 8 pm, was attended by close to 80 exhibitors. The event preceded formal opening ceremonyy at 8 pm.  Enthusiasm was high as exhibitors visited!!  What A Great Idea!!

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