Monday, October 27, 2014

Swords - More Fantastic Type Winners

Best Stafford exhibited by John Graydon

Best Gloster exhibited by E. Laughran

Best Opposite Head Gloster exhibited by F & L Kelly

Best Yorkshire exhibited by M. Brennan

Best Norwich exhibited by A. Dempsey
2nd Best Norwich exhibited by A. Dempsey

Best Lizard exhibited by J. Rolston

Best Lizard Unflighted exhibited by J. Rolston

Best A.O.V. Northern Dutch Frill exhibited by P Larkin


John Graydon (E.C.C.C) said...

Nice to Meet you Linda at Swords.

Linda Hogan said...

So glad to meet you too and visit with you and Roby at lunch. (John is a Champion Exhibitor of Colour Canaries.)

I was really impressed by the intensity of the red coloring! It is really remarkable! Thanks for the carophyll red recipe!

Have just signed up for Eire Colour Canary forum.

I think the Stafford pictured is yours but could not confirm it. Will put your name on it and you can correct me if I guessed wrong....