Saturday, October 25, 2014

Swords & District Cage Bird Society 29th Annual Show Dublin Colorbred

Nearly 1800 beautiful birds were exhibited at the Swords Show!! Judging began at 9 am with 12 judges, two of which were needed for the Irish Fancy. It is all computerized and a print out of winners was available for visitors at 3 pm, Show hall was large with good lighting and natural light. Judging was done on shoulder high tables not like our show benches. Even large classes were placed all around the table top. No vita lights. Colorbred are judged by comparison and not pointed.

Here are some of the colorbred winners:

 Best Lipochrome and Best Champion Lipochrome exhibited by N Keyes

Best Non-Intensive exhibited by N. Keyes

Ticked and Variegated compete for awards.

Best Melanin in Show and Best Novice Melanin exhibited by N. Hillard

The red coloring is excellent!! I ask John Graydon and was told that they use carophyll red in the water and food. In the water, 1/2 tsp per liter and one small dipper to three cups soft food. They also recommended Children multivitamins, two drops/pint.

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