Sunday, October 5, 2014

Puting On A Runway Attitude

Just a few days ago, I counted 26 Monarch butterflies in my garden and today they have all gone on to Mexico.  This is a sure sign and the calendar agrees, show season is finally here! So I took a few shot of any other ones I could find and contemplated what final steps I have taken the last few days to make my birds dress like a model and have that "walking down the runway" attitude.

Earlier, I shared that the seed diet has been increasingly changed to canary seed.  This is very important especially if a bird or breed has a tendency toward hanging droppings. When that happens the diet has too much oil and fatty seeds such as especially flax (linseed) but also depending on the breed such as glosters and borders even thistle (niger), rape and maw too.

So having done that, I now find an extra attitude bloom by feeding some sprouted seed along with the canary seed. My sprouted mix is ABBA soak seed which has several usual seeds such as safflower, millet, wheat, buckwheat, canary, thistle, and rape but also contains mung beans and lettuce seed. The sprouted seed mix does not cause the hanging dropping problem even though it contains some oily seeds. And it has given them a "look at me show stopping attitude"!

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Unknown said...

Linda, How exciting! I am (sure many of us are) anticipating news and photos of your trip. You are truly an ambassador for birds as well as for breeders.
God Bless you.
also...I would be interested in seeing the transformation of that ugliest border shown earlier. Thanks, Rosie