Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lovely Border Winners At Swords Show

Best Border Clear Champion Yellow exhibited by John Furley. He also won Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Seventh Best Border.


Second Best Border Best Varg. Champion Yellow exhibited by C Guildea

Best Cinnamon exhibited by John Furley. The Borders were really lovely and the competition was really stiff!  This beautiful Cinnamon did not make the top seven Borders.

Classes are divided for Champion Breeders and Novice Breeders. Novice Winner was J & L Walsh with Best Var. Novice which was Sixth Best Border. Class for Junior (16 or less years old) is also provided but no entry.  Birds are judged on a table with no extra light shinning on them.  All birds are displayed by class on tiered show benches so that every bird is clearly visible. 

Novice Winner

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Anonymous said...

Wow that variegated second best bird is a beaut!