Thursday, September 11, 2014

Two Most Tempting Foods

A blogger asks "What is the most tempting foods to offer my canaries?"

The most tempting food for canaries are foods that are white.  Even the most finicky eaters will enjoy munching Soft white bread. I have tried whole wheat and mine just look at it. If it is dry, they lose interest in it. Soft white bread right out of the package is promptly eaten.

It is a great way to tame them and make them love their show cage.  I can cut the size down and move it up to top to encourage this Border to stretch.

Regular uncooked oatmeal (people food) is another favorite. This Columbus Fancy likes to nibble on the oatmeal flakes.

The most tempting time to feed a new food is first thing in the morning. Even with seed mix in the cages they wait and wonder "What's For Breakfast?"

My husband says "Hunger is a great sauce!"

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