Friday, September 5, 2014

Shifting to Higher Carbohydrate Foods To Encourage Finishing The Molt

 In the Northern Hemisphere folks are anxious to finish the molt and enter the show season. A change in diet will help accomplish a prompt finish.

Except for German Rollers who are kept on high rape diets through the song competition season, Begin feeding more and more carbohydrates working toward straight canary by the time they are ready for the show bench.

It is time to stop any extra protein foods not only any extra egg added to nestling food but also even any high amino acids grains such as quinoa which is 16% protein but not as high in carbohydrates as some other grains. Dry nestling foods without extra amino acids and having a protein content of approximately 15% can be feed. 

Limit adding CeDe handrearing formula (18% protein) 1/2 cup to six cups dry nestling food and limit feeding to a couple times a week at no more than one teaspoon per bird per feeding. Continue feeding limited quantities of Blattner's finch mix a couple times a week for a few more weeks.

Also for a few more weeks, I will continue the cous cous with olive oil and poppy seed but I am cutting down the oil a bit as we go depending on the weight of the birds. If the birds are gaining weight, less olive oil in the cous cous.

Provide dishes with straight canary seed free choice as well as spray millet. Canary seed is approximately 16% protein and high oil and high carbohydrate.

Use extra liquid B vitamins daily in the water and a vitamin such as Boost 250 (best) or a vitamin product that does not have extra amino acids such as diluted poultry vitamins.

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