Monday, January 27, 2014

Friends In The Fancy - David and Edith Benites - Quinoa Eggless Nestling Food Recipe

The Benites’ quinoa mix recipe is:
Quinoa is a grain, just like rice, but a lot more nutritious.

How to prepare quinoa has the rule of plus one, meaning…
4 cups of quinoa to 5 cups of water
… all in a rice cooker. (quick rice setting)
Once cooked, turn off cooker with lid on. Within an hour open the cooker and empty cooker onto large containers ( we use two for the cooling to be faster)
Leave the quinoa drying and cooling for an additional two hours.

Our nestling food mix for the breeding season is as follows:
·         4 cups of quinoa already cooked and as dry as possible
·         1 cup of nestling food (commercial brands like Quicko, Orlux, etc.)
·         1/2 a cup of Petamine (multi-vitamin mix)
·         1 heaping tablespoon of Probios, powder form  (probiotic)
You can buy Probios in the 5 lb. jar (best buy and you can split is with a friend) from Jeffers… 1-800- Jeffers. We use two 5 lb. jars of it, per breeding season. It stimulates hens to feed and offspring to ask for food.
·         1 teaspoon of vitamin E. (The vitamin E is powdered from Ruben Alonso, who is a wonderful person and very prompt in his deliveries. His phone number is: 561.670.1481.)
·         Use of vitamin E, one month prior to the breeding season and the following first two months.
·         1 tablespoon of Calcium (powdered calcium called CALCI-LUX by OROPHARMA. You can buy it in Amazon. $32.00 plus shipping for 500 grams.
 Mix and refrigerate

Other than the fantastic properties that is contains, there is nothing to peel, which in turn, allows the parents to regurgitate with ease! 

PS Quinoa at COSTCO costs $12 for 4 lbs. Use as you go.

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