Wednesday, January 15, 2014

First Aid - Pasted (Caked) Vent

After washing and cleaning this hen's pasted vent, you can note a rare area on the upper part. In addition, to cutting feathers away from the area, I will treated the bird with Dr. Rob Marshall's KD Powder in the water for five consecutive days.

Biodecken moisturizing ointment  contains 12% Aloe vera and can be used to treat the cloaca, legs or beak as needed.

Biodecken also sells a Fungicide containing .15% ketoconazole for treatment of fungal skin disease in ornamental birds.

A number of things can cause pasted vent. As simple as feeding too much flax seed to infections which require treatment with various agents. If a sweet chicken-like smell is noted it is likely bacterial usually E. coli, Clostridial, or Streptococcus or even caused by yeast (Candida). If the caking is hard and dark black it maybe a a low grade Megabacteria. Dark green and greasy caking and sweet smelling is characteristic of Candida. In breeding hens it may signify uterus infections.

No unusual odor was noted in this hen so I will start with just the cleaning five day treatment with KD Powder followed by probiotics.

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