Sunday, February 12, 2012

This Weeks Questions and Tips for Big Bird

Great Song Food mix sold by Higgins.

If you happen to have an Aldi's grocery store in your area, they have some items available for only a couple of weeks once a year. One such item is Millville Creamy Wheat. It is a bargain at $1.99 where Cream of Wheat sells for $4.50 a box in our area.

I use Creamy Wheat as one of the equal parts ingredients in the dry nestling food recipe posted on the blog by KJ and Linda Brown. Google search the blog with phrase dry nestling food and you will find the original recipe (Canary/Finch High Protein Nestling Food). I have used there dry nestling food since 2009 and it is always available in the cages feeding chicks. Some hens feed more of it than wet egg food. The Browns use it as the only nestling food and raise many canaries and finches in their large aviary.

Sunday Question:
Is there a substitute for Petamine?
Answer: Yes, Harrison's High Potency Mash is a good substitute but more expensive and it is fattening.


Anonymous said...


Look into egg-cite by Kaytee it is very close to petamine only thing about it is it only comes in some sizes but I am working on it...


Hi.Rollers said...

Hi Linda,

If "wheat products over stimulates the hens...what about feeding products,like,Petamine[wheatgerm meal],Flock Raiser[gr. wheat],white bread,etc. They all have some form of wheat. Also, does this include feeding wheat-containing to the males?


Linda Hogan said...

Wheat products are good for male development.

White bread seems to have no effect except fattening on breeding birds. Even during singing birds show training, bread does not effect the sound of developing males. (We want to avoid them coming into breeding song.)

Other products are a matter of degree. The worst are high protein and high carbohydrate which is like waving a go flag!