Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Big Bird Takes A New Breed Under Her Wing

Yellow colored male

Crested male

Hen for the crested male above.

Hen for the plainhead yellow colored male above.

At the National Cage Bird Show in Kansas City, I made the decision to take a new breed into my aviary.

What breed is it?


Patti M said...

Hi Linda,

Are they Columbus Fancy? Whatever they are, they are cute and need their nails trimmed!

Anonymous said...

Columbus Fancy

Evon in WI said...

I believe you will be in the "Columbus Fancy" arena with your new birds. Good Luck.

Are you giving up on the staffords?

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

Congratulations on your new addition...they look like Columbus Fancy Crest & Smoothead?

Wishing you a GREAT breeding season!


Linda Hogan said...

Yes they are Columbus Fancy!!

Anonymous said...

the Grizzle back bird is striking
Good luck with them


Anonymous said...

They look like Heinz 57 to me!!!