Sunday, February 19, 2012

Preliminary Results Hen Vent Temperature

My husband is a big fan of his infrared surface temperature thermometer. By pulling the trigger he can instantly know the surface temperature of oil or whatever he is cooking. Watching him, I wondered what this could tell me about hen readiness, which would surely correlate with higher vent temperature.

This hen has been laying and will be set on Tuesday. Her vent temperature was 94.1 F. Checking my skin temperature,it was a degree lower than the expected temperature inside my mouth. I expected the the incubation temperature to be 95 to 99 degrees F.

This hen was paired with a male but was not building her nest, vent temperature 88.4 F.

This hen was busy nestling down in the seed cup making me think she was ready to be set but vent temperature was 86.6 F, she was only fooling me!


Anonymous said...

Someone has to much time on there hands!!!

Linda Hogan said...

Not too much time, just too much curiosity!!