Monday, February 6, 2012

Contest: What Kind Of Canaries Do I Have?




Dear Linda,

My name is Bogdan and I live in Austin TX. I have been breeding Gouldian finches for years and last year I bought some canaries from "second hand " if I may say that. I know that these birds come from a canary breeder from San Antonio. I tried to contact him but he didn't respond. So I have these nice birds but I don't know what kind of canaries they are.

I have read your blog from first to last post and I found it fascinating. I noticed that you often post pictures of canaries and ask the readers to tell what kind of canaries are they. I would very much appreciate if you could take a look at the pics I attached and tell me what kind of canaries I have. Maybe you can use them for a next contest on your blog. Please help.

Bogdan Wlodarczyk

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Anonymous said...

Could the top 2 birds be staffords and the bottom bird a color red. Hard to tell exactly.

Linda Hogan said...

The heads on the cocks look red factor to me but the hen could be either. Unfortunately, the feather type look frosted in all three and for breeding we need opposite feather patterns.

Bombastus said...

Thanks for response and forgive my ignorance. If you think the two top birds could be Staffords, why do you think the yellow (on the bottom) could be color red? As far as the shape both frosted cocks (orange and yellow) look very similar. The orange one is definitely bigger and sing much louder, if that mean anything.
As far as the breeding is concern, what would be the results of mating two frosted bids? Is there a good place on the net that explains the genetics and hereditary of the feather patterns?
Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, Please help! Years past I when I have fewer babies I don't have big problem. This year I have more birds and more problems. My older babies (5-7 weeks old) are dying fast. I lost 6 babies the last 11 days. 2 more are helpless and suffering. They die so fast, when you see them on the bottom they be gone the next day or two. Here is my mix, commercial egg food, boil seeds, couscous, chick starter. I added crushed hemp, bee pollen, and daily essential as vit.In addition I offer them hard boiled eggs, peas and corn. All the young one are ok except the older babies please help!

Linda Hogan said...

Stop the chicks hard boiled egg when chicks are banded banded. Start it again when the first chick leaves the nest but stop again when they are eating well. Are the chick thin?

The other thing that happens about this time is mites. Have you seen any?