Sunday, June 13, 2010

Questions and Tips for Big Bird!

Please post this weeks unrelated tips, breeding season reports, and questions to this post.

Breeding Season Report:

Too Much Success

Robert Vrablic called to share that this has been a fantastic breeding season, perhaps his best ever!! He set Seven German Roller Hens around Valentines Day and with just two nest, those hens produced 62 chicks!

He credits much of his success to using ABBA water soluble vitamin E high fertility vitamin in the water to condition his birds for breeding!! He also uses other ABBA products and in addition to the ABBA seed he uses some Prestige canary mix from Belgium which he purchases locally at Kings Cages.

His problem now is babies are everywhere and all his cages are full!! I suggested that he add numerous clothes pins on the side of the cages to give more places for chick to have their own privacy perch.

To learn more about this conditioning technique check out "Making Breeding Simple - Conditioning Vitamin E posted on this blog on January 22, 2010.


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