Friday, June 4, 2010

Privacy Perches

Richard Rolloff sent in this fantastic idea for privacy perches!!

They come with S hooks so they can be attached to cages or
screwed to flight walls, like I did. They are loosely mounted and
easily removed.

Their are some who believe their is a visual portion to
tutoring/learning song. When I used the more typical wood
dividers,they were constantly trying to peek around.

I thought visually seeing each other would yield to attacks
and bullying. Quite the opposite!

I got mine from Darrell Horst:

Darrell is temporarily out of the privacy perches but has
more on order from Germany. They are expected in late July.

Thanks so much Richard!!


papasnag said...

Those perches are such a neat idea they are sold out! Beautiful birds.

Linda Hogan said...

Talked with Darrell and he has more on order from Germany which are expected in late July.

Linda Hogan said...

Darrell also said that you can easily trim the bottom shield off, where droppings collect, with ordinary scissors if desired.