Saturday, June 26, 2010

It Works Every Time!!!

It works every time that Cry Baby Border gets this sad look on its face and starts that irresistible crying, Big Bird steps up and feeds him!! He is so good at it, he has me trained to feed him every couple of hours!

So far, even though he is a couple of weeks past weaning age, he only will eat a few bites of corn and peas and maybe a few sunflower sprouts.

My grandson Jeff, took a few of these pictures and afterward enjoyed playing with Cry Baby!!

He is reluctant to nibble on my finger and prefers to instead open wide like a baby bird! He is just cruisin'!
This Baby Border was hatched the same day as Cry Baby and it is confident and wants nothing to do with me!!

I first started feeding Cry Baby June 16th. Cry baby is the sad looking yellow border on that days post. He quickly learned to beg only Big Bird. He ignores his birth mother and foster mother, he is my baby!!!

I normally don't name my birds but anyone got a good name for Cry Baby??


Rich said...

Hi Linda. Glad to see you got a banding tool, I was going to bring you one at National. I also have a baby that is handfed. Once his pinfeathers started opening I put him in a nest where there was a chick his size, but the parents were reluctant to feed it so I continued taking him out several times a day and feeding him. After a few days the parents started feeding the chick but I still gave it supplimental feedings. The chick is now eating well on it's own but comes to the door of the cage everytime it sees me. I don't normally name birds either but this one is Squeek because that is the sound it made when it was young. Rich

Anonymous said...

Howzit Linda,

Your babies are looking lovely even in nest feather! I like the name "Cry Baby" it sums it up best!

Keep up the great work!
ps: Love the picture of you and Cry Baby on your arm - priceless!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

I must say he's (oe she) is a fine looking young Border with a lovely head and about VUVUZELA!?!?...just like those axful plastic horns they are blowing at the World Cup in South Africa!!! What a racket they make on the TV!!

Linda Hogan said...

I have really been enjoying the World Cup in South Africa! Yesterday I watched Japan and Paraguay and loved the penalty kick off!!

When I first heard the horns, it was very distracting but after many hours, I find it increases the suspense and anticipation!!! I like the fact that it is a neutral noise instead of one sides fans trying to out yell the other. My only disappointment has been with the officials..errors! Yesterday, I heard on NPR that they are going to try an correct this problem by using electronic review just like they do in other sports!!

How is Vuvuzela pronounced? It would make a good name as feeding Cry Baby has interrupted many of my game watching!!

Janet said...

Hi Linda, I love Cry Baby - I had one that I couldn't get weaned from its mother. Finally gave up and put them both in the big flight cage and eventually he learned.

I have found a source of dry whey and am wondering if it would be a good compliment to the egg food - I know it is a milk product but there isn't much left when it gets to whey. Janet

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Vuvuzela is pronounced vooo vooo zelah (not like zeebra but rather like zebra)

I think it is fantastic for the vibe and spirit of the games and it seems to have been taken up by most if not all the tourists here. I think that it is gonna become an international thing now.
Must admit I was not a fan of it until I learned how to actually blow it. It's great fun!

Shawn from vuvuland