Thursday, June 24, 2010

National Cage Bird Show Cancelled

Date: June 24th , 2010

Subject: Official Cancellation of the National Cage Bird Show - Jacksonville , FL

Exhibitors, Friends, and members of NCBS,

It is with great disappointment that I must make this announcement to you. Due to issues out of our control, the 62nd National Cage Bird Show to be held in Jacksonville this November is being officially cancelled.

The NCBS Board had been working with the Hyatt hotel since January of this year trying to procure more floor space and rooms for the projected large entries in two of the Song Bird Divisions. John Muscato and I took an extra day and arrived early to the March Board meeting to try to resolve the issue with the hotel staff. We have literally contacted the hotel weekly trying to resolve the issue. The hotel was non-responsive and not willing to bring closure to the issue. We wanted to close the issue so we could direct these societies on acquiring space or extra judges to process their entries. We were straining our relationship with the clubs.

On Friday June 18th, NCBS was contacted by the Sales Manager from the Hyatt hotel in Jacksonville . He informed me that another group that had an event at the hotel, during the same time as NCBS, has requested more floor space as they are expanding. This group is a repeat group to the venue. After numerous discussions between their event staff and me over the last 4 days, the hotel made a business decision to honor the other group’s legacy attendance at the facility and informed us that they were exercising the Cancellation Option in our contract. I now have the formal cancellation letter from the Hyatt Riverfront Jacksonville.

On Monday June 21st, I contacted a few of the NCBS executive Board and apprised them of the situation and we have been exploring optional venues. While I am hopeful that we can find some solution I am not convinced we can. With only a few short months to plan what we typically take 12-18 months to do we cannot afford any type of negotiations with a new site over the contract details so we are contacting the last few show sites to see if first the venue is available on our date, and secondly if they would honor the last contract or help us out in light of the inconvenience we are experiencing. My hope is that we can in the near future report to you a new site. In the event that we do we will utilize email lists, yahoo groups, the NCBS Website etc. to keep you informed.

As pain As painful as this is at this late of date I felt it necessary to inform you as early as I could knowing that we may have a possibility of a new location and have to do this communication again. Understand we did not take this lightly and have spent an enormous amount of time trying to negotiate what is best for our membership. We will do all we can to find a resolution and host a 2010 show in the best fashion we can. It is OK to be disappointed and we hope you understand.

Respectfully submitted,
Gary Morgan,
President – National Cage Bird Show

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