Sunday, May 2, 2010

Questions and Tips for Big Bird!

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May Day Flowers


Thursday Tip from Robert Wild

Just cut the broccoli stems across the stem, kind of in little wheels. Put them in the cage when you comeback in the morning there will be nothing but little green halos all over the cage. Thanks Robert, can't wait to try it!!


Seems like taking care of baby birds is taking a phenomenal amount of time! I no longer have time to peal the broccoli stems so the birds will not waste the stem. Instead, I am now cutting the stem off and offering just the floret heads to the birds.

The broccoli stems are processed in the food processor and then I add one part Petamine, one part Purina Flock Raiser and two parts Proteen 25 plain and continue processing till you can hardly see any broccoli. I then add this to my regular nestling food as a stretcher!



1. I have recently purchased a yorkshire hen who is bobbing her tail. Is that normal?

2. How do you color feed your Staffords?

3. Debbie can you post how to plant and grow spray millet to this post?


Faye Higginson said...

Hi, I have just bought a yorkshire hen and she looks very big compared to the other canaries I have (a border and a silver) but she is bobbing her tail - otherwise she seems in good health.

Could you offer insight to what this could mean?


Ps. Love your blog :)

Donna Minor said...

Hi Linda,

Thank you for writing your book Canary Tales. I use it as a constant reference and the pages are well worn. How do you color feed your Staffords? I plan to show some this year at San Pedro and hate to lose points because of bad color feeding.


Linda Hogan said...


Bobbing tail can be a sign of respiratory disease or at times GI tract problems with soiled or sealed vent.

Make sure her vent is open. Provide some greens such as peas and keep watch on her.

If you rule out GI problems and the bobbing continues, you could consider treatment with Baytril. See your avian vet and if not possible check out lady gouldian web site for a generic product.

Linda Hogan said...


I color feed Staffords like my colorbreds. I use bogena with carophyll red added. I add 1 teaspoon to a cup of nestling food. I feed it first thing each day about 1/2 teaspoon per bird. After that it is plain nestling food the rest of the day.

I also offer Higgins Proteen 25 red dry free choice.

If you have already started color feeding this year, do not change brands or your current method. Changes now will effect the evenness of color.

Anonymous said...

Linda, that ball with rope laying next to your malinois, is our English Bulldog Lola's favorite toy. She shears through the rope, so I gave gone to buying rope in quantiy at Homedepot.

Anonymous said...

Dear Big Bird,

In a few weeks I have to leave for 2 days. I will have canary chicks of all ages at that point. My birds are used to getting fresh egg food at 6 AM, noon, and 5 PM.

During the days I have to be gone I can get someone to come in once a day. Is there something I can leave out in quantity that will still work for the chicks since they will be getting only one fresh egg food meal per day? Please recommend a brand. I've tried a few egg foods that weren't that well received.

Thank you Big Bird. I appreciate all of your expertise!

Janie Jones

Linda Hogan said...


I moved your question to next Sunday post.