Monday, May 10, 2010

This Weeks Questions and Comments

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Easy Nest Cleaning
First two German Roller chicks from my prized new import 3501 -30. The chicks are growing well but quickly the nest is heavily soiled!

Using a pair of scissors, I carefully cut the soiled burlap and discard the mess.

Mission accomplished!!



1. Spider asks "How long are you going to breed your new rollers"?


Unknown said...

I just want to Thank You for all you are doing for the fancy. I really enjoy everything you share and I can also relate with everything you do. How long are you going to breed your new rollers?

Linda Hogan said...

Hi Spider

The hens are not as fat as I would like, one nest is plenty and they will need a foster dad helping them or I will likely loose them in the molt. So far two of the German import hens are setting on four eggs each. Two more are with males and may or may not lay this season. The last hen has a sharp breast bone and it will be my goal to just get her through the molt...

The two males that are not in breeding condition, one may still come in....the other is not healthy and has not been strong since coming out of quarantine so making the molt is their goal too.

The other two that I am breeding, number 30 is going strong. Lucky he is the best one. I have five babies from him so far but I am trying many more hens. In fact, I set a breeder up last year with my German stuff and yesterday she told me she had six hens for me that she has kept on the bottom row with low light which have not laid yet. I ask her to check the weight, no thin ones and if they are ok I will get them Thursday... I will try #30 till he gets tired or till late June.

Not pleased with the #34 male as his vent is not as developed as I would like. We will see if he has fertile eggs and then if not he is out for the season.