Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Exactly Right Supplemental Feeding

These three German roller import chicks need no supplemental feeding initially even though one chick is considerably smaller than the other two. They are all doing well (note the well rounded baby down), supplemental feeding is unnecessary.

Should you hand feed them, you will likely upset the hen and cause her to protect them from you and sit tight rather than feeding them and loss at least the smaller one and perhaps all three!

The best time to supplemental feed is when the chicks are banded and the mother can not keep up with all their begging!! At this stage, the hen is preoccupied with meeting their demands and no longer sees a need to protect her chicks from you.

Kaytee Exact Hand Feeding products for parrots etc works well for canaries at this stage. Simply mix with hot tap water and feed.

The advantage of supplemental feeding to chicks this age is that it fattens them up for the upcoming weaning phase when they will lose some weight until they eat well on their own.

Nap time!

Borders prefer to feed greens over nestling food but it is not high calorie so it is very important to supplement their feeding to build the fat layer prior to weaning!

Border chick topped off with Kaytee Exact Hand Feeding Formula.

Once fully feathered, even chicks that have been hand fed, will refuse to open their mouth except for the hen. They will snuggle down in the nest refusing to recognize the hand of the one who feed them so faithfully the week before!

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