Thursday, May 6, 2010

Millet Garden By Debbie Eaton

Spray Millet

The millet garden is very easy to set up and maintain. Every box of spray millet will have a collection of loose seeds in the bottom.

Simply spread the loose seeds over the top of the soil in the area you want to use as your bird garden. Lightly sprinkle it with water.

Within 3 or 4 days, small green grass-like shoots will appear. Continue to water as needed. It will grow into a tall grassy type of plant and send small 3 to 5 inch clusters of seeds forming the millet spray. Let the green millet sprays fill out and then you can harvest them and feed as green seeds. My finches and some of the canaries love it in this form. These sprays do not grow as long as the commercially produced, but are fresh and pesticide free. I use no chemicals and have had no trouble with pests of any kind.

Pictures are of a group of seeding grasses all from left-over bird seeds. Canary grass seeds, flax, millet and rape. I use the grasses to supply my finch cages with the green seeds and grasses for their nests.

Thanks so much Debbie, I am planting my millet garden today!!

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