Saturday, May 22, 2010

Feasting on Eggs and Broccoli

Broccoli and hard-boiled eggs are a favorite in the weaning cages. While at the farmers market this morning, I notice this broccoli at one of the stands. Sure enough when it has yellow flowers and the head have discernible seeds, people won't buy it for themselves but this is exactly perfect for feeding the young weaning birds!

Very young Border chick eating broccoli.

A little bigger Border chicks love it too!

These Stafford chicks have only been in the weaning cage a few days but they do not hesitate to chow down on broccoli and hard-boiled eggs.


Anonymous said...

Linda, what do you use for cage tray covering, and how do you "manage" it?

Linda Hogan said...

I use Kay-Cob (corn cobs) for the floor covering. Its main disadvantage is that if it gets wet, it will mold.

The advantage is that it can easily go 4 to 6 weeks with just spot clean up where it is heavily soiled.

With so many chicks and still working, my time is limited and this makes it much easier..

Anonymous said...

Hi Gorgeous,

Your young borders are looking lovely. I particularly like the variegated ones and the young heavy buff hen that you show eating the brocoli and eggs - she's gonna be a beaut!

Keep up the good stuff!