Sunday, February 14, 2010

This Weeks Sharing Tips or Questions For Big Bird

Use this post to share your tips or ask additional questions unrelated to current blog posts.



Please don't use the words cocks in the description of pictures? Our firewall blocks the pictures - blaming it on Adult content - lol,



1. Shawn writes what do you ascribe the lovely border color to?


1. Shawn writes how long do you cook the whole wheat? Commented that citric acid shortened the molt again this year.


1. Peter writes "some time ago you mentioned feeding chicken to the canary males. Is that raw or cooked?"


Peter said...

Hi Linda,

Some time ago you mentioned feeding chicken to the canary males.

Is that raw or cooked?

Would like to give it a try.

Linda Hogan said...

I had a call once from a breeder in the UK who raved on feeding baked chicken to his canaries.

He explained that after the family ate the baked chicken on Sunday, he put the bones in the male canaries cage to bring them into breeding condition.

The idea of the birds picking bones did not appeal to me, so I baked chicken breast and cubed it in pieces and fed it to a cage of out of condition old old very old males.

When I returned to the aviary a few hours later, there was blood everywhere. I could not believe the aggression! That was when I first learned about the effect of animal protein on aggression!

Seeing that bloody mess was too much for me to ever try it again!!

Linda Hogan said...

I use a lot of dark leafy greens during the molt. The borders eat their fill of them and I also feed them bee pollen.

Linda Hogan said...

The whole wheat is soaked overnight and then cooked for 2 or three hours. It takes a long time... I then put it in the food processor and grind it up fine and mix with finely ground carrots.