Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just Like Her Granny!

Forefront Border Hen From My 2007 Breeding Season, Pictured With Her Nest Sister's Silhouette.

Granny, Like All Good Grannies, Love Oatmeal!

TIP: Oatmeal either regular or steel cut oats offered free choice are excellent foods especially for Borders to help put weight on the hen prior to breeding season or to fatten thin cocks a bit, oatmeal should also be in the breeding cage to feed their chicks!

2009 Granddaughter!

Granddaughter Pictured With Her Good Looking First Cousin!

Wonder What Prompted This Post? Yesterday afternoon as I watched Mary, my ten year old granddaughter, dance with her ballet class, I was impressed by her grace and movements. I am sure you are not surprised that I and all the other parents and grandparents thought our child was exceptionally talented and couldn't help being proud of our genes!

This morning I was still somewhat puffed up when I started rounds in the aviary and again experienced the same familial pride when I watched my Borders! It really is All In The Family!!


Anonymous said...

Loving the border pics !!!


Anonymous said...

ps: please dont use the words cocks in the description of the pictures? Our firewall blocks the pictures - blaming it on Adult content - lol,

Linda Hogan said...

No wonder my blog is classified as pornography at the hospital. I am totally blocked from it!! An to think I thought it was the article last year entitled Red Hot Momma which as all about identifying a breeding ready hen!! Thanks for the tip!!!

Anonymous said...

Howzit Gorgeous,

Lol, I know its crazy!

Tell me Linda, the wheat that you cook in the latter part of the moult. I notice you say that I should soak it overnight, how long then does need to cook? A friend of mine feeds it in his soft food mixture, but says that it goes rancid very quickly - any comments on that? My birds are about 90% through the moult so I want to finish it off now, I am planning on doing the wheat on Saturday. Again this year I found that the citric acid helped the birds along very quickly.