Sunday, February 14, 2010

Playing Cupid By The Rule

This Stafford Bachelorette, Looks a lot like her mother!

Although she has a more circular crest than her mother, it continues to be too flat.

Bachelor Number 1 placed second in his class at the National Cage Bird Show!

Bachelor Number 2 is dark and handsome!

Bachelor Number 3 looks like he just flew in with the snow!

Golden Cupid Pairing Rule: Birds of a Feather Should Not Be Paired Together.

Could that mean opposites attract?

All I want for Valentine's Day is to hear from you! Which of the lucky bachelors would you chose?

Thanks Richard and Rich for your reply, now I feel loved!! Can't be puppy love, Must be bird love!!

New Information Added 2/17/10:
The challenge of pairing is having a clear vision of what you want to produce and an honest assessment of your birds strength and weakness. Pairing is about complimenting a weakness with another birds strength. Two with the same weakness should not be paired as this sets the problem tighter in the line. We all dream of breeding the perfect bird, its part of the fun and challenge. Overtime, our birds just get better and better if we apply the Golden Cupid Pairing Rule! Bachelor #3 is one lucky fellow!!


Anonymous said...

erwinI would choose # 3. He has the round head she lacks. He also has a shorter beak. Hers is a tad long.

Rich said...

Going strictly by head type my choice would be bachelor #3. To me it seems like #1's head is a little flat, so the crests on any offspring would continue to be flat. I picked #3 over #2 because it seems to have more rise and brow which shold give more depth to the crested offspring. I can see why Staffords generate so much interest, it is a challenge to produce a well colored bird with a beautiful crest.

Anonymous said...

Linda, what ever happened to your Geocities website?
Have you relocated?

Linda Hogan said...

My grandson and his mother were doing the web site for me and they just do not seem to get it up....Oh well...