Sunday, February 21, 2010

Questions and Advice for Big Bird?

"SELF" Portrait

Jayhawks first final four, 1940!

Mascot has changed over the years. The screen display showed the birds evolution over the years!

Shoot-around, Hawks on the close end! Buffaloes on the far end. Mascots, mid-court are stretching, mimicking the players!

Cheerleaders warm up the crowd and practice the cheers, simple ones like Go one side and Hawks the opposite side or J one side Hawks the opposite side. Later on they lead a unique cheer when Colorado had a turn over or shot an air ball, they chanted "You Let The WH...OOOL...E Team Down"!!

Big Mascot is 1 and so the small one is 1/2!

Every seat is filled, 16,300!

When Colorado players are introduced, Big and little jay and the student section traditionally read the paper and pay no attention while the opponents are being introduced. When the Hawks are introduced the papers are torn into confetti-like pieces and tossed into the air. Everyone is standing in Allen Fieldhouse, the atmosphere is electric!!

Well-dressed student, won a wing eating contest during half-time! Jayhawks are leading 48 to 34!

My husband Pat, trying to hide while I took this shot of him and our daughter Kellie!

Coach Bill Self and assistants shaking hands with the Colorado coach, staff and players! Hawks really played well! I learned that whenever Xavier Henry does something, all real fans fold their arm across their chest making an X!! What a great new X-ercise!!

Please use this post to post this weeks questions or share advice/tips with Big Bird.



1. Big Bird shares her love of the Jayhawks!!

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