Saturday, January 9, 2010

Time To Order Peggy's Pollen

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If you need Peggy's Pollen, call in your order (320-243-4330) by January 12th. Diane, the owner, is going to be out of town for three weeks and orders during that time may be delayed since her daughter in law will only be checking mail weekly. E-mail address is

Peggy's pollen, a US product, is an excellent conditioner. Birds really perk-up on bee pollen. I placed an order today for 10 lbs as I do not want to run low at this time of year. I store excess in the freezer and refrigerate what I will use weekly.


Unknown said...

I used peggy's pollen many years ago to expensive. I pefer the pollen from it's much better and they never go on vacation.and they are much more reasonable.

Linda Hogan said...

Ninety percent of bee pollen sold in the US is from China. There are many good sources but check to be sure it is a US product.

Several have commented on bulk foods pollen being less expensive. Tom checked and told me it was a US product but as things can change, I would check right before purchase.

I have used Peggy's pollen for about 25 years and I am impressed with the quality and like visiting with Diane about where it was collected what the future is for bees in the US etc. To me, it is worth more to be able to visit with a trusted farmer about their product and know it is pure. It is the same reason, I shop at a Farmer's Market for fresh foods in the summer.

The only other pollen I have ever used was uniformly beautifully orange colored just orange as an orange and was gathered from ocatilla cactus. I shipped this in from a health food store in Reno Nevada. Nutritionally speaking, the best pollen is the multi-colored gathered from many different plant sources.

Regardless of where you buy it, US bee pollen is a wonderful addition to conditioning food for our canaries.

Anonymous said...

Peggy's Pollen will certainly have your order shipped out as soon as we can. If I have to have my mail checked daily while I am out of town I will do so to make sure my customers have their product when needed. Please email me this week if you are needing some before the middle of Feb. I will have it ready to ship. I am only trying to make it easier for everyone. Thanks again for those of you who have been trusted customers for years. We pride ourselves with giving you a good product and shipped out immediately when we receive payment and sometimes before. We hope to hear from many of you. Happy New Year.!! Our pollen is only USA pollen - No foreign pollen... Happy Breeding.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gorgeous,

I too have been using Peggys Pollen now for a few years and I have never had any problems on their side - our SA customs etc - galore! But it is wonderful for the birds and they get it free choice for most of the year. I have just received my new 5pounds from Diane in time for conditioning and breeding this year. Smelled so good could not resist eating a few granules myself and they taste so sweet.

This is a product that I will always use, even if it costs me double to import it from America!