Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby, Its Cold Outside

With outside temperatures hovering in the single digits, these Border hens are enjoying a sunbath! They took a cold water bath earlier this morning and now take turns enjoying the warm afternoon sun that shines in one corner of their flight.

They have plenty of places in their cage to get out of the warm sun coming through the window but most sunny days you can find them taking turns sunning themselves and enjoying the warmth.

I have warmed the aviary a bit from a month ago as it is now get down to low 50's at night and up to 55 during the days. A jacket feels good to me as I take care of them, just wish it was warm enough for me to sunbathe with them!


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda
nice to see your still going strong with the Borders, i hope to see more great pictures of them on your blog.


Linda Hogan said...

Attention Bloggers

I am so happy to be back in touch with Darren. Those of you who read my web site will remember the extensive correspondence we had a few years ago especially on breeding Borders.

Daren is back in borders and I look forward to his input in this blog.

Looking forward to hearing more from you Darren!!

Janet said...

Hi Linda, thanks for your response to my last question. I enlarged the picture with the trough feeder on it and am wondering what you are feeding. It looked different than ordinary canary food. Thanks, Janet Hemesath

Linda Hogan said...

I make tailor my feed to my birds needs. The Border hens are difficult to fatten and not as sensitive to high protein seeds as other varieties.

For Border hens right now for in the prebreeding stage in a cool aviary, I use about 3/4 the Bird of Paradise wheat germ oil and the rest is L'Avian vitamin coated seed, some hemp seed, some sunflower chips and some oatmeal.

Anonymous said...

Love your lightly yellow cinnamon and green buff hens! Which lines are they from Mrs Hogan?