Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ABBA Mineral

Growing birds and hens need a mineral supplement. My favorite is ABBA Mineral. It provides a variety of minerals and is readily eaten. Notice the first ingredient is sterilized oyster shell.

The only disadvantage is the blue color tends to stain the feet and face. Not wanting to show birds with a "blue do", I do not feed it to show birds after the molt until after the shows.

Other than the show season, mineral should be available year round, especially during the three months prior to egg laying.


Anonymous said...

I sure would like to see some more pictures of your borders maybe in their show cages :-)

Anonymous said...


Janet said...

hi Linda, Two comments - I loved your article on aging birds - it will be most helpful and also must add that my own mother is 103 and to this point has aged well. Her mind is perfect so what more can we ask.

Also I have not tried the abba mineral but use the higgens miner-a-grit which I think must be just about the same. The birds love it and I know that when the hens are getting ready to lay eggs they will visit the dish often. I have never had trouble with egg binding.

thanks again for your wonderful blog. Janet Hemesath

Linda Hogan said...

Just checked the Higgins miner-a-grit and it contains 17 minerals including Florida Oyster shell.

The product is an equivalent and would likely work well as you attest to.