Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weigh In Day: Grams Up or Grams Down

An Update on the Fat and Thin Cocks

Since today is the day that I am starting the cocks on the water soluble vitamin E, I took some pictures to show you how the fat and the thin cock pictured early in this blog, are doing with their weight gain or loss programs.

The too thin border cock, was pictured in the Oh No, This Cock is Too Thin on January 16th. His progress is very slow even though he is becoming a coach potato due to all the convenient perches and food easily accessible. In all fairness he has been on the weight gain program a week less than the fat cock has been on the weight loss program. His skin continues to be wrinkled meaning he is still too thin. The main improvement is a slightly visible yellow fat layer. The vent itself is larger but unimpressive. Even the borders of correct weight and development seems to have smaller vents than the smaller sized canaries. The thin border cock is especially challenging to fatten but failure to put some weight on him will mean poor vent development and certain infertility! He still has six weeks to get his act together before I will begin pairing but if the vent doesn't look good, then no hen for him! Watching the vent development will greatly increase the number of fertile eggs produced!

On the other hand, the fat DKB imported German roller cock is progressing nicely. Not only is the fat layer coming down but also some redness is seen on the side of his abdomen and even on the vent. The shape of the vent is very impressive as it is not only pointed forward but notice how the sides are bulged or engorged out in a rounded fashion! The three things he needs is to lose more fat layer, develop a red colored lower abdomen, and show a red colored vent that has no hint of yellow color.

Can you believe that I actually study vent development and have posted this blog? And that you find it totally fascinating? What would your non-bird friends think? It is so special to have bird friends!

This makes me think or a true story from a few years back when I gave a little seminar on vent development to a small group of roller people at a bird show. I must have said something to the effect that the cocks "lose their sexual mature vents after breeding season". When molting time finally came the next summer, a serious novice who had heard my seminar became so concerned about his bird's that he consulted a more experienced local breeder to find out what was the matter with his cocks. He asked. "I just can't find any of my bird's vents on the cage floor"??? Somehow he reasoned that if bird vents were lost, he should be able to find them fallen off on the cage floor, just like finding lost feathers on the cage floor!! A good laugh was had by all!! LOL

When you click on the pictures to enlarge them it makes not only the birds more visible but it also highlights my thumbs. My husband took the picture and remarked that the birds looks fine but your thumbs look so dry. Perhaps I need to spend a little time taking care of me! Or maybe I need to use a different camera?

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